In the heart of "The Annex" in Toronto, there is a tranquil space designed to help you slow down and re-establish inner balance through a combination of meditation, aromatherapy, massage, yoga, reiki and acupuncture.

Amazing Things Acupuncture Can Do!

Considering Acupuncture?  Acupuncture is a truly amazing  practice that can help improve quality of life, relieve stress, cure PMS, boost energy, improve sleep,   settle mood swings, relieve aches and pains and help stay balanced during life transitions such as the end of relationships and much more.  Below is a list of just some of the many amazing things that  Acupuncture can do.

Please feel free to contact us if you have a health question that is not addressed here,  we will be more than happy to do a free phone pre-consultation to determine if Acupuncture could be an appropriate and beneficial approach for you. 416-985-9448

STRESS AND WORRY  Acupuncture can significantly help reduce stress, irritability, over-thinking and worry.  Because we look at the whole mind- body, we will also address the individual physical manifestations whether they be poor sleep, digestive troubles or tense shoulder.
Whether you are going through a rough patch and are experiencing emotional stress due to relationship, job and life transitions, or you experience chronic depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, restlessness, agitation, grief, sadness, crying or anger, Acupuncture can provide the tools to experience physical and emotional stability and well being.
Did you know that there was a cure for PMS?! With traditional Chinese Medicine, you can actually say goodbye to monthly mood swings,  irritability, and cramps.   Acupuncture can also be very effective in helping with irregular periods, painful periods, and ammenhorrea.  Acupuncture is also used effectively for fertility.  
PAIN & TENSION  If you are like most people you likely experience back pain and/or tension in one form or another.  Acupuncture can treat chronic lower, mid and upper back pain,  shoulder and neck tension,   headaches, joint pain, acute injury anywhere in the body, and can help manage and alleviate chronic pain and fibromyalgia.
ASTHMA & ALLERGIES  If you suffer from hayfever, allergies and/ or asthma, you have likely been prescribed over the counter medication, and/or been given inhalers neither of which usually completely resolve the underlying problem and often have many undesirable side effects.  Acupuncture can help manage the symptoms of acute attacks and through a course of treatments can help resolve the underlying problem. 
DIGESTION & WEIGHT MANAGEMENT  If you suffer from digestive trouble whether it be excessive or poor appetite,  bloating and gas after meals, heartburn, nausea, constipation or diarrhea, IBS or Crohn's Disease Acupuncture can help provide relief. Through a combination of Acupuncture, Yoga and Nutritional Counselling, we can can help you to come up with personally designed weight management programs.
SLEEP & ENERGY Do you suffer from insomnia?  Do you have a hard time falling asleep, or staying asleep?  Do you toss and turn a lot at night, or have disturbed sleep because of  nightmares?  Do you sleep a lot but still wake up tired in the morning?  Do you generally feel lethargic, have low energy or poor motivation?  Acupuncture can help you regulate your sleep cycle and boost energy! 
AND A LOT MORE...  Acupuncture is based on a comprehensive Medical system and can help with a wide range of health concerns including tinnitus, dizziness, vertigo, sleep apnea, jaw clenching, dry hair, dry skin, skin, rashes, skin problems and more.


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