In the heart of "The Annex" in Toronto, there is a tranquil space designed to help you slow down and re-establish inner balance through a combination of meditation, aromatherapy, massage, yoga, reiki and acupuncture.

As we move into the last weekend of August,  we can witness the world around us transitioning from the Fire element to the Earth element, as the brilliant late summer flowers bloom and we begin to reap the bounty from this year's  harvest and nourish our bodies and eyes on the bright colours and delicious flavours of the season.  In our own lives this can sometimes be a period of  transition from sociability, freedom and exploration on summer vacations and travel, to buckling down in preparation for new projects and the back to school mentality.   This time of transition is true for me as I integrate some of the beautiful sights and experiences of nature I took in during my August travels to the Charlevoix region of Quebec, whale watching, star gazing and campfire cooking,  followed by an intensive yoga weekend at Wanderlust Yoga Festival in Mont-Tremblant. 
The Gladstone Acupuncture office is now re-opened for the year, in the lovely interdisciplinary Annex Health & Wellness clinic on Bloor St. just opposite Honest Ed's!  I'm gearing up for a new year and a new schedule.  I am happy to now be offering 3 days of treatments in the new space: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.   I look forward to continuing my work this year in supporting my clients in their wellness goals, in preventative medicine, living in balance, creative richness and expression and respect for the cycles of nature. 
This year I am continuing to deepen my studies in the Level II Alchemical Healing Mentorship with Lorie Dechar and Benjamin Fox as we explore more deeply Western Depth psychology including Dream Work, Shadow work,  Archetypes and Mythology as conduits to deeper understanding of wholeness and living life more fully.    
Periods of transition are exciting but sometimes require extra creativity and ingenuity as well as extra care and mindfulness so that we can learn to move fluidly, flexibly but with strength and integrity.  If you need a little extra support this season, please book an appointment or a series of sessions and experience a session which helps you to tap into your own well of wisdom and wellbeing. 


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